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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject [PROPOSAL-apreq2] dropping apreq_cfg_t
Date Fri, 12 Mar 2004 18:41:37 GMT

Instead of dropping a few fields from apreq_cfg_t,
after some consideration I think we should drop 
apreq_cfg_t entirely, and replace it with a few
new environment functions.

Rationale:  Having apreq's parsers enforce the 
controls is clumsy and in certain situations totally
ineffective.  For instance, currently the max_len
attribute of apreq_cfg_t doesn't work at all in 
the default CGI environment, because the stdin pipe
bucket's length cannot be computed (it's -1).
Once that bucket is passed to a parser, the parser
will consume everything until the stdin pipe is 
closed (by apache).  We could work around this
by changing how cgi_read() is coded, but that just
goes to my point - it's the environment's job
to do (or not do) this enforcement, not the parser's.

I propose that we drop apreq_cfg_t from the C API
entirely, and rework the environments to pick up
the slack.


Joe Schaefer

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