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From Vladimir Dudov <>
Subject Re: Using libapreq from ISAPI filter
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 17:58:26 GMT
I got it working. So, yes, it's possible :)

There are a few things that are not very clear:

What are the responsibilities of request and read hooks registered with 
I mean the following members of  apreq_env_t:
    apreq_request_t *(**request*)(void *,apreq_request_t *);
    apr_status_t (**read*)(void *,apr_read_type_e,apr_off_t);

Should the last bucket in the brigade passed to apreq_parse_request() be 
an eos bucket?
Does apreq_parse_request() delete processed buckets?

Thank you,

Vladimir Dudov wrote:

> Is it possible to use libapreq from ISAPI filters (IIS)?
> I am particular interested in parsing POST request data.
> I can capture incoming requests and pass data to the libapreq.
> The question is what global/local structures should be set?
> What methods should I use?
> Thanks,
> Vladimir

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