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From Geoffrey Young <>
Subject Re: FW: Help with Apache::Request module
Date Wed, 14 Jan 2004 15:59:35 GMT

> If the "password" param never appears, then libapreq2 will gobble up the 
> entire POST data before giving up, with param() returning undef.  At
> this point the POST is data is both parsed (into $req->body) and spooled
> (to disk if the POST is larger than 256KB) by the mod_apreq filter.

wow.  that's some cool stuff you guys have done.  kudos.  sorry I wasn't
around to help.  I tried tracing some of the calls around but quickly got
lost in a jumble of defines - getting in at the start would have helped :)

> I wasn't aware of a significant difference in memory footprint between
> instance() and new() in mp1 (the reason being that the underlying C 
> strings representing libapreq's parser output are always allocated from
> the request pool, so they're not cleaned up until the request pool 
> is destroyed).

doh, my bad.  it's the object that's passed around, not the data.  duh.

>>I can patch Request_pod to that effect if I have my info correct.
> Cool!

forthcoming soonish.


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