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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject goals for 2.03-dev?
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 17:45:38 GMT
Since 2.02-dev seems to be free of major problems,
perhaps we should add a few goals for 2.03-dev that
will lead to a stable release soon afterward.
I'd personally like to see the perl-glue ported
to CGI in 2.03-dev, all C/Perl APIs documented, and 
better code coverage for the tests.

I'm out of town for the rest of this week, but 
I've been using the time to try out the Win32 build
with current cvs.  The first thing I noticed with apreq
is that the --without-perl option for win32/
should probably be renamed --disable-perl-glue to keep
it in sync with the Unix ./configure build.  Secondly,
the library names libapr.dll and libaprutil.dll are hard-coded
into the Win32 Makefiles.  IMO they should use the Win32 ports
of ap[ru]-config instead (ie apr's current cvs builds 
libapr-1.dll now). The httpd version checks should also
be relaxed to qr{Apache/2\.\d} instead of qr{Apache/2\.0}.

Otherwise apreq-2 builds fine on Win32 against httpd's 
current-cvs.  I don't have mp2 installed yet, so I had
a problem running the env/t tests: there's no reason
TEST.PL needs to use Apache2 or Apache::Build.  After
replacing those lines with 

  use constant WIN32 => $^O =~ /Win32/;

the env/ tests ran just fine.

Sorry I don't have patches available for any of this- 
still trying to get comfortable on Win32. 

Joe Schaefer

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