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From "Edward J. Sabol" <>
Subject Re: [ar2] PATCH: Set PERL_PATH correctly in Makefile.PL
Date Thu, 11 Dec 2003 06:52:37 GMT
Randy wrote:
> Thanks, Ed - the above works fine on my Win32 system.

Thanks for testing it, Randy.

Unfortunately, this patch doesn't solve the identical problem with "make
test". Apache::TestMM is generating the t/TEST scripts incorrectly.
Apache::TestMM wraps ExtUtils::MakeMaker, so you'd think it would get it
right, but it also inherits some functionality from Apache::Build. And
Apache::Build overrides ExtUtils::MakeMaker's value of $(PERL) with it's own
value obtained from my old nemesis, $Config{perlpath}. From the code, it
would appear that Apache::Build is doing it intentionally, but the reasoning
eludes me. And it's not clear if the problem should be fixed in Apache::Build
or just in Apache::Test. Perhaps I should continue this aspect of the
discussion to

Or I could just break down and ask my system administrator to change to have the correct value for $Config{perlpath}... Nah, that would
be too easy! :-)

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