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From Sven Geisler <>
Subject Re: goals for 2.03-dev?
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2003 17:42:44 GMT

I'd like to have parts of CGI ported to apreq.
I like to use CGI to generate HTML.
I think using CGI in mod_perl/apreq CGI consumes to much memory.
Also a lot of the code of CGI can be implemented in C with less memory
usage. May be something like Apache::CGI...

The second suggestion is to handle different encodings.
Apreq should support the UTF-8 flag of Perl.
This will help on unicode input from browsers.


Am Mo, den 01.12.2003 schrieb Randy Kobes um 23:47:
> On Mon, 1 Dec 2003, Joe Schaefer wrote:
> > Since 2.02-dev seems to be free of major problems,
> > perhaps we should add a few goals for 2.03-dev that
> > will lead to a stable release soon afterward.
> > I'd personally like to see the perl-glue ported
> > to CGI in 2.03-dev, all C/Perl APIs documented, and
> > better code coverage for the tests.
> I've looked some at the perl-glue in a CGI environment;
> when you're back, I could provide some details.
> > I'm out of town for the rest of this week, but
> > I've been using the time to try out the Win32 build
> > with current cvs.  The first thing I noticed with apreq
> > is that the --without-perl option for win32/
> > should probably be renamed --disable-perl-glue to keep
> > it in sync with the Unix ./configure build.  Secondly,
> > the library names libapr.dll and libaprutil.dll are hard-coded
> > into the Win32 Makefiles.  IMO they should use the Win32 ports
> > of ap[ru]-config instead (ie apr's current cvs builds
> > libapr-1.dll now). The httpd version checks should also
> > be relaxed to qr{Apache/2\.\d} instead of qr{Apache/2\.0}.
> Those are all good points - this week I'll look at fixing
> them up.
Sven Geisler <>
AEC/communications GmbH

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