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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: [ANNOUNCE] libapreq2-2.01_03-dev released
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 17:37:48 GMT
Stas Bekman <> writes:

> Joe Schaefer wrote:
> >     - This is a developer release, indicated by the "-dev" suffix
> >       on the version string.  We believe the core interfaces to be stable,
> >       but some portions of the API may still need significant modification.
> >       Thus, binary/source compatibility may be broken from one developer
> > release to the next. In particular the version numbering rules specified
> >       at
> Joe, are you sure you are not artificially building acceptance walls?
> You are talking about C API in the post to the mod_perl list. Most
> people won't even try it, because of that.

"Most people" shouldn't try it- developers should.  It's their feedback
that determines what we most need to change.  At this point, perl users 
need to be looking to *the test suite* for the stable components of the
API, not *the documentation*.  Until that situation changes, I see no
harm in scaring off the faint of heart.

> Or does it really true the perl may still need significant
> modification?

Absolutely.  We need to really flesh out the perl glue in CGI 
before we can claim stability, just like we needed to do it for 
the C API.

> I thought it's going to stay pretty close to the apreq1 API.

"Pretty close" is what the tests are there for.

Joe Schaefer

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