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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: [ANN] libapreq2-2.01-dev-rc1 release candidate #1
Date Tue, 04 Nov 2003 17:50:30 GMT
Vladimir Dudov <> writes:

> If there is a better mailing list for libapreq2 users then just let me
> know... 

libapreq2 is brand new, so this is probably the best list for questions
about the C API (eventually might be a better place
for that).

> Seems mod_apreq is designed to provide a form-data parser for other
> modules. 


> How should I configure it to filter all HTTP POST requests? Should I
> just call ap_add_input_filter( "APREQ", NULL, r, r->connection ) from
> my module?

The recommended approach (see the sample modules in env/c-modules) is 

  apreq_request_t req = apreq_request(r, NULL);

This call will automatically insert the filter as needed (just be sure
apreq_request() is run before any content is pulled through the input 

> What are the configuration options (for example, I need to ignore all
> file  uploads)?

What do you mean by ignore- abort parsing, or keep "normal" params
separate from uploads?

> How can I get parsed data in my module?

The parsed data is available though the apreq_request_t struct,
usually by calling apreq_param  (see apreq_params.h for more details).

Joe Schaefer

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