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From Vladimir Dudov <>
Subject Re: [ANN] libapreq2-2.01-dev-rc1 release candidate #1
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2003 00:05:50 GMT

Joe Schaefer wrote:

>Vladimir Dudov <> writes:
>>Looks like apreq_filter() fails because request doesn't have
>>"Content-Type" header. apreq_parser() returns NULL and
>>apreq_parse_request() doesn't parse anything. But why there is no
>>"Content-Type" in the requests? 
>Content-Type isn't required for a GET (it is for POST though).
>What apache server version are you running?  I wonder who is 
Apache 2.0.47.
Is libapreq compatible with Apache 1.x?

>calling ap_get_brigade on the GET- the default handler perhaps?
>Hmm- any clues out there as to why our test suite isn't picking up 
>this bug?  Does Apache::Test's GET_BODY always include a Content-Type
>header?  We need to scuttle 2.01-dev if it doesn't handle a GET
apreq_filter() should always return APR_SUCCESS no matter what internal 
fuctions (like apreq_parse_request()) have done. Otherwise it makes 
server unstable.


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