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From Vladimir Dudov <>
Subject Re: [ANN] libapreq2-2.01-dev-rc1 release candidate #1
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 23:24:49 GMT
Looks like apreq_filter() fails because request doesn't have 
"Content-Type" header .
apreq_parser() returns NULL and apreq_parse_request() doesn't parse 
But why there is no "Content-Type" in the requests?
I tried IE 5, Mozilla 1.4. The same result.


Joe Schaefer wrote:

>Vladimir Dudov <> writes:
>>I run into a strange problem...
>>My module calls apreq_request(r, NULL) from insert_filter handler.
>>Yesterday worked Ok (client received normal responds and
>>I was able to get request parameters).
>>But today browsers started getting "400 Bad request". As soon as I
>>disable browser gets normal data.
>>What's wrong?
>It's very hard to say at this point.  You need to provide more
>data points for us to make an intelligent guess.
>  1) Do the bad requests go away after restarting the server?
>  2) Do they reappear only after lots of requests have been
>     handled successfully?
>  3) Have set your server's LogLevel to "Debug"?  What does
>     the error log say during the Bad Requests?
>  4) What exactly is an insert_filter handler? Do you mean
>     a filter_init function?  Is your module an input filter,
>     output filter, or a content handler?  What does it do?

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