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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: mod_apreq without perl
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 06:45:48 GMT
On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Vladimir Dudov wrote:

> What if I don't need any tests do I still need ApacheTest
> and mod_perl to build just libapreq2.dll and

No, you don't need either in that case, in principle. This
should work with VC++:

   C:\httpd-apreq-2> perl Makefile.PL --without-perl
   C:\httpd-apreq-2> nmake
   C:\httpd-apreq-2> nmake test

The last line should run the tests under httpd-apreq-2/t/,
which don't depend on Apache-Test, but then will fail
when it tries the httpd-apreq-2/env/t/ tests, which do
require Apache-Test. After this, libapreq2.dll and should be under httpd-apreq-2/win32/libs/.

I'm not sure about cygwin - does it refuse to build
without Apache::Test? You can install Apache-Test
independently of mod_perl - the sources are at

> Anybody knows by chance how to uninstall ApacheTest 1.29? (I installed
> it by mistake and AT 1.99 asks to uninstall 1.29
> before it goes any further. I run "make uninstall" but doesn't seem
> enough and AT 1.99 keeps asking to uninstall 1.29).
> I am using cygwin/perl.
> --Vladimir

Do you mean mod_perl, rather than Apache::Test? There's not
a 'make uninstall' capability; one thing to try is to go
into the blib/ directory where you built mod_perl, see what
files are there, and then remove manually the corresponding
files under your Perl tree. Alternatively, you can build
mod_perl 1.99_xx as
   perl Makefile.PL MP_AP_PREFIX=/path/to/Apache2 \
which will install mod_perl 1.99 relative to an Apache2/
subdirectory in your Perl tree, so that mod_perl 1.99 and
mod_perl 1.2x can coexist. With this you then have to 'use
Apache2' in your Perl scripts (or in a startup file) when
using mod_perl-1.99, which adjusts the @INC to find the
appropriate files.

best regards,

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