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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] apreq-2 versioning system
Date Fri, 10 Oct 2003 13:50:20 GMT

Here's what I propose we do regarding versioning for
httpd-apreq-2.  There are 3 objects we need to
track independently: libapreq, mod_apreq, and the perl

Based on the prior discussion, here's what I propose:

for libapreq-

    Adopt library versioning based on

       1) change the resulting library name from libapreq to libapreq2.

       2) add based on, 
          supporting similar options. 

       3) add src/apreq_version.[ch] based on apr-util's corresponding files.

       4) add build/ to generate (internally) library
          version numbers from src/apreq_version.h.

       5) update acinclude.m4,, and the
          various's to support the new files.

for mod_apreq-

     Adopt a MODULE_MAJIC_NUMBER scheme similar to httpd:

       1) add an "apreq_env_number" constant to apreq_env.h, 

       2) make mod_apreq.c's MODULE_MAJIC_NUMBER available through it.

for the perl glue-

       1) Apache::Cookie and Apache::Request will be versioned 
          starting from 2.0.  This will likely cause pain for 1.3
          users that set their dependency requirements based on
          Apache::Request's version instead of libapreq's.

       2) Apache::libapreq will be renamed Apache::libapreq2, and should
          make the same installation info available that the 
          apreq2-config script does.


     [+1]: joes

Joe Schaefer

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