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From Randy Kobes <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: httpd-apreq-2/env/cgi_test/t/conf .cvsignore
Date Sun, 12 Oct 2003 19:34:36 GMT
On Sun, 12 Oct 2003, Joe Schaefer wrote:

[ .. ]
> The cgi "script" compiles and links against libapreq_cgi before
> the tests actually run, so I don't think this is a linking issue
> on Win32 (btw- Unix libapreq_cgi is only built statically, maybe
> the Win32 build should do this also).

I've also had it build libapreq_cgi statically on Win32,
but there's still problems ...

> The question I'm wondering about is how httpd sets up the subprocess
> environment for the cgi-script prior to execution.  Maybe httpd's
> mod_cgi has a bug on Win32?  Or maybe we need to use mod_cgid
> instead?
> Oh, well. I just would have liked to see the cgi tests incorporated
> into env/t (as you originally planned) instead of their own location.
> Maybe we can move them back in the future, after we've sorted all
> this oddness out.

That'd certainly be better to have them incorportated - I'll
keep looking at it. The main reason I separated them
(temporarily) is so that while these things are being
sorted out the mod_apreq tests aren't affected.

best regards,

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