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From Leon Sonntag <>
Subject Problem installing Apache::Request
Date Fri, 03 Oct 2003 23:24:07 GMT
Hopefully this is the correct group for this....If not I would appreciate 

I am trying to install several Perl modules on my Apache 1.3.28 server.

   This is on a Fresh install of Redhat 8.  This time without the redhat 

   I have Perl 5.8.0 loaded from the Redhat RPMs and Perl 5.8.1 compiled 
from source.

   I am trying, using CPAN, to load Apache::Request.  It needs 
Apache::Test.  When Apache::Test tries to install it fails at the "make 
test".  Digging deeper, I found that when the test program tries to do a 
GET, on anything, it is getting "access denied".  I can access all pages on 
the server through a browser so I'm not clear on what is causing the problem.

   Any help is appreciated...

Most anything is easy after you've done it successfully a few times

Leon Sonntag
Innovative Web Applications
leon at iwa-solutions dot com 

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