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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: -Werror compilation errors
Date Wed, 15 Oct 2003 06:06:24 GMT
Geoffrey Young wrote:
> Stas Bekman wrote:
>> Geoffrey Young wrote:
>> [...]
>>> oh, and if someone could enlighten me as to the proper way to disable 
>>> -Werror on-the-fly, that would be super.
>> what do you mean disable on the fly? it's either on or off, do I miss 
>> something in your question?
> something like
> $ CCFLAGS=-Wno-unused make
> or even
> $ CCFLAGS=-Wno-unused ./configure
> anything which would override the default -Werror that make is picking 
> up from Apache::Build.  I would have thought that some variant of the 
> above would have worked, but alas...
> --Geoff

According to gcc manual, it should work:

        You can request many specific warnings with options beginning -W, for
        example -Wimplicit to request warnings on implicit declarations.  Each
        of these specific warning options also has a negative form beginning
        -Wno- to turn off warnings; for example, -Wno-implicit.  This manual
        lists only one of the two forms, whichever is not the default.

-Wno-unused (for any unused warnings)

or any of the following after applying s/-W/-Wno-/

-Wunused-function  -Wunused-label  -Wunused-parameter
            -Wunused-value  -Wunused-variable

Of course if you would have built mp without MP_MAINTAINER=1 it won't be used 
as well ;)

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