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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [apreq-2] does not use apr-config --includes
Date Mon, 06 Oct 2003 20:03:32 GMT
Joe Schaefer wrote:

>>The other thing I noticed is that since my httpd is built entirely
>>using  DSO's that the tests failed because the httpd.conf does not
>>load mod_alias.

it doesn't load mod_alias because it either can't find your system-wide 
httpd.conf from which it inherits these settings), or because it doesn't 
include it (which will make a perfect sense if you don't use Alias).

> Stas, does this problem ring any bells?

Yup, Alias is one of the last ones that misses <IfModule > around it, I'll 
shortly commit the inlined fix.

Meanwhile you can fix that by fixing the autogenerated httpd.conf, which 
doesn't use these aliases anyway:

t/TEST -conf
perl -pi -e 's|^Alias.*||' t/conf/httpd.conf

Index: Apache-Test/lib/Apache/
RCS file: 
retrieving revision 1.175
diff -u -r1.175
--- Apache-Test/lib/Apache/        1 Oct 2003 13:45:23 -0000 
+++ Apache-Test/lib/Apache/        6 Oct 2003 20:00:07 -0000
@@ -1315,10 +1315,12 @@

+    print $out "<IfModule mod_alias.c>\n";
      for (keys %aliases) {
          next unless $vars->{$aliases{$_}};
-        print $out "Alias /getfiles-$_ $vars->{$aliases{$_}}\n";
+        print $out "    Alias /getfiles-$_ $vars->{$aliases{$_}}\n";
+    print $out "</IfModule>\n";

      print $out "\n";

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