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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: Problem installing Apache::Request
Date Sat, 04 Oct 2003 19:19:28 GMT
Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Leon Sonntag <> writes:
>>Hopefully this is the correct group for this....If not I would
>>appreciate guidence.
> It's as good a place as any, although the mod-perl user list might
> be a slightly better choice.
>>I am trying to install several Perl modules on my Apache 1.3.28 server.
>>   This is on a Fresh install of Redhat 8.  This time without the redhat
> I run RH 8 (with all updates, but I never use their apache rpm's), so 
> hopefully I should be able to help...
>>   I have Perl 5.8.0 loaded from the Redhat RPMs and Perl 5.8.1
>>compiled from source.
>>   I am trying, using CPAN, to load Apache::Request.  It needs
>>Apache::Test. When Apache::Test tries to install it fails at the "make
>>test".  Digging deeper, I found that when the test program tries to do
>>a GET, on anything, it is getting "access denied".  I can access all
>>pages on the server through a browser so I'm not clear on what is
>>causing the problem. 
> If you downloaded libapreq from CPAN as "root", there's a very good
> chance that libapreq is sitting in a directory for which only root
> has access.  The Apache::Test suite we use now does not work in this 
> setting.
> Try downloading, building, and testing libapreq as a non-root
> user, and see if you still see problems with the tests.

And if you use the latest Apache::Test (1.04) it will tell you before you 
start the test suite if you have this problem and suggest workarounds (like 
Joe's one). In the future we plan to add some workarounds for this age-old 
problem, but for now moving your .cpan dir to a directory which is not under 
/root should be the best solution.

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