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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: [apreq-2] does not use apr-config --includes
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 20:12:23 GMT
Stas Bekman <> writes:


> There is only one nuance: APU_BINDIR and APR_BINDIR were added only in
> recent versions of apache. 2.0.47?

% cvs annotate support/ | grep AP._BINDIR

Annotations for support/
1.54         (trawick  04-Apr-03): my $apr_bindir = get_vars("APR_BINDIR");
1.55         (jerenkra 21-May-03): my $apu_bindir = get_vars("APU_BINDIR");

> I guess it all depends on what are going to be the requirements for
> apreq-2. 

INSTALL lists the current apache prereq at 2.0.46, and httpd-2.0/CHANGES
has this:

Changes with Apache 2.0.46


  *) Perform run-time query in apxs for apr and apr-util's includes.
     [Justin Erenkrantz]

I assume that's the change that brought in AP*_BINDIR:

% cvs annotate CHANGES | grep apxs | head

Annotations for CHANGES
1.1006       (stoddard 09-Dec-02):      apxs -i -a will add an un-commented AddModule directive
1.1187       (jerenkra 21-May-03):   *) Perform run-time query in apxs for apr and apr-util's
1.1178       (wrowe    17-May-03):      configuration for apxs), and eliminated redundant
-I'nclude paths.
1.1084       (nd       22-Feb-03):   *) Fix apxs to insert LoadModule directives only outside
of sections.
1.1036       (trawick  24-Jan-03):   *) apxs: Include any special APR ld flags when linking
the DSO.
1.1036       (trawick  24-Jan-03):      This resolves problems on AIX when building a DSO
with apxs+gcc.
1.934        (striker  19-Sep-02):   *) Add -p option to apxs to allow programs to be compiled
with apxs.
1.825        (trawick  13-Jun-02):   *) Fix apxs so that the makefile created by "apxs -g"
works on AIX and
1.813        (trawick  06-Jun-02):   *) Fix apxs to allow "apxs -q installbuilddir" and to
1.810        (jwoolley 05-Jun-02):   *) Get rid of uninitialized value errors with "apxs -q"
on certain

We're sort of at the mercy of the httpd/apr split here, which 
wasn't really complete until then.

Joe Schaefer

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