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From Steve Hay <>
Subject [PATCH] Fix building libapreq-1.2 with latest ExtUtils-MakeMaker's
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 10:49:44 GMT

I've just checked out the latest libapreq-1.2 from CVS and found that it 
still hasn't been fixed to build with the latest version of 
ExtUtils-MakeMaker that is being included in Perl 5.8.1 (currently 6.16, 
I think).

There was a long discussion about the cause of it, and various possible 
solutions, a while ago.  The thread starts here:

I think the simplest solution for the time being (proposed by Schwern in 
that thread) was to correct the shameless hack that is being done in 
c/Makefile.PL: The lines that are being hacked about have changed 
slightly in format, so the hacking needs to be changed to suit.

The attached patch (against CVS) implements that suggestion, and enables 
me to build 1.2 OK with MM 6.16.

- Steve

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