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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: bug in ApacheRequest_parse macro
Date Sun, 13 Jul 2003 06:03:09 GMT
Graham Clark <> writes:

> Hi again,
> Thanks for all the info Joe! Would there be any interest in
> incorporating the following patches too? My aim was to provide a way
> to get the parameter keys only. 

Thanks for the patches!  However I don't think we should have "keys" 
functions in libapreq-1 for query & body params.  Do we already have 
"keys" for "normal" params- (not a rhetorical question, I haven't looked 
at the libapreq-1 source in a while)?

> I'm not yet sure of the philosophy of apreq, 

I'd say the "apreq philosophy" is something like: 

  1) safe,                (secure defaults, no misbehavior with bad data)
  2) standards-compliant, (plus occasional browser work-arounds for
                            better interoperability)
  3) simple,              (a small, easy-to-use library interface)
  4) speedy,              (minimize copying & internal pool allocations)

with the relative importance being roughly in that order.

> so if this is overkill, or there's an easier way to do this, I'd be
> glad to know :-)

I'd probably vote against the "keys" patches as being overkill: 
AFAICT there's not much need for this functionality in libapreq
right now.

Joe Schaefer

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