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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject [apreq-2] Apache::Test preinstall issues
Date Sun, 20 Jul 2003 00:33:48 GMT

The Apache::Test tests are using prior installs
instead of the most-recent cvs builds.  Yesterday 
I did a full install of modperl-2.0+apreq-2, and the 
first problem I encountered with the tests appears 
in env/t:

  % head -20 env/t/conf/httpd.conf
  LoadModule apreq_module "/home/joe/apache2/modules/"
  LoadModule perl_module "/home/joe/apache2/modules/"
  <IfModule !mod_apreq.c>
      LoadModule apreq_module "/path/to/httpd-apreq-2/env/.libs/"

This is obviously a bad config-  somehow we need the tests 
to ignore the "LoadModule apreq_module" directive coming from 
the installed httpd.conf.

The second problem is with the perl_tests:

  % tail glue/perl/t/conf/
  use lib '/path/to/httpd-apreq-2/glue/perl/t/response';
  use lib '/path/to/httpd-apreq-2/glue/perl/blib/arch';
  use lib '/path/to/httpd-apreq-2/glue/perl/blib/lib';
  use Apache2;

The 'use Apache 2' directive needs to occur before
the 'use lib ...' directives to avoid using a previously-
installed Apache::Request.

Anybody know how to fix these two problems?

Joe Schaefer

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