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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject [rfc] [apreq-2] filter prefetch
Date Wed, 16 Jul 2003 01:58:15 GMT

Assuming the POST data hasn't been read by the 
content handler,

  my $foo = $req->param("foo");

causes mod_apreq to prefetch 64KB of POST data
in order to find the "foo" param.  But what about
list context?

  my @foo = $req->param("foo");

Here the caller is expecting the full set of "foo"
params, so it seems natural to me that we should have
mod_apreq (i.e. the filter) parse the full POST body 
for this case.  However, since mod_apreq is a filter,
we have to be careful not to let the spooled POST data 
consume lots of RAM.  

Earlier today I committed a patch that allows mod_apreq 
to spool a large (>250KB) POST into a tempfile bucket,
similar to the manner in which the mfd parser spools
a large file upload.  If folks are ok with this approach,
I'll make the necessary changes to the perl glue and
endow $req->parse with these semantics as well.

Joe Schaefer

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