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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Re: need your help to test mod_perl with perl-5.8.1-RC3
Date Thu, 31 Jul 2003 12:25:16 GMT
Stas Bekman wrote:

> Here is what happens:
> MM 6.03 used to create libapreq.a but not, libapreq.a was 
> just a by product and never was intented to be installed. 
> was statically linking libapreq.a into it.
> Now with 6.12 it creates both and, so when 
> is linked, it links dynamically, and of course 
> it can't resolve it later when loading.
> This patch fixes things for me in libapreq and works with MM 6.03 and 
> 6.12. Steve, please confirm that it works for you and I'll commit it. 

No, it doesn't fix it :-(

My problem sounds a little different to yours.  You talk above about 
"... when is linked...", but my build process doesn't get 
that far.

Under MM 6.03 it used to build libapreq.lib, then Request.dll then 
Now, under MM 6.12, it builds libapreq.lib, then falls over 
("boot_libapreq" unresolved) when trying to build libapreq.dll.

It seems likely that if my build ever got as far as trying to build 
Request.dll then it would fail without your patch, and your patch would 
fix that bit, but at the moment I'm not getting that far.


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