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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject [apreq-2] STATUS update
Date Fri, 27 Jun 2003 17:34:52 GMT
Please comment (volunteer?) on any of the following
open issues. We really need a documentation system
for perl, since XSBuilder's autogenerated docs are
fairly useless.


    * Missing Perl API components: 

        1. What should $req->parse do?
        2. How should we encode/decode $cookie->value?
        3. What about CGI?  We can use import() to autoload 
           an environment if none exists, but should we?

    * Settle on the Perl API and start tracking CHANGES.

    * Improve documentation system:

      - doxygen for C API (header comments).
      - perldoc for Perl glue (pod).
    * Add XForms logic to the mfd parser.

    * symbol exports files:
      - win32 now has hardcoded .def files (need to automate, e.g. based
        on exports.c ala httpd-2.0)
      - aix needs .exp files

    * on Win32, figure out how to build things so Apache::Cookie
      and Apache::Request don't need to be linked against mod_apreq
      to resolve missing apreq_env* symbols. 

btw- APR_INLINE no longer appears in the
libapreq-2 header files.  Randy, can we now 
do away with this section of apreq.h?

  /* XXX WIN32 doesn't seem to put APR_INLINE fns into the lib */
  #ifdef WIN32
  #undef APR_INLINE
  #define APR_INLINE

Joe Schaefer

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