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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject libapreq-1.2 release candidate 2
Date Wed, 11 Jun 2003 20:05:06 GMT

Release candidate #2 for libapreq-1.2 is available:

Please give it a try so I can announce its availability
on the modperl list.

Changes since 1.1:

April 30, 2003

  Add documentation for subclassing Apache::Request. [Steve Hay]

April 18, 2003

  Sync test suite uris with latest Apache::Test [Stas]

  Patch mfd parser's Content-Disposition header to do case-insensitive
  matches on "name" & "filename" keywords.  This feature allows uploads
  from Nokia Series 60 phones to work as expected. [Oskari 'Okko' Ojala]

  Patch Request.xs to revert to using pre-1.1 $upload->fh code for
  pre-5.8 perls.  This patch may get backed out prior to 1.2's release,
  unless it is known to resolve problems (zombies?) reported to occur
  with libapreq-1.1 uploads and pre-5.8 perls. [Joe]

February 27, 2003

  do a better mod_perl version checking, including the test for mod_perl
  2.0. [Stas]

  Applied IKEBE Tomohiro's patch for handling %uXXXX strings.

February 27, 2003

  Add req->nargs to C API to distinguish between query string and
  request body params.

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