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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: apache2/mp2 - status?
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 08:42:25 GMT
Carl Brewer <> writes:


> can anyone give me a quick status report on it so I know that I'm best
> off doing this, or hacking code out of to get POST data?

You're welcome to try it, but there's

  1) essentially no documentation, especially for the perl API, since
  2) the perl API is still in flux.

It does work, though.  Right now, the biggest problem
with the perl API is sorting out how to configure the
parsers (POST size limits, temporary directory, etc).

You need ExtUtils::XSBuilder to build the perl API, and
Apache::Test and Devel::Peek for the tests, and
probably a few other modules I haven't remembered.

OTOH, the C API for libapreq-2 is rapidly approaching 
stability, but I gather that's not what you're interested in.

Joe Schaefer

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