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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: apache2/mp2 - status?
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 11:25:27 GMT
Carl Brewer <> writes:


> If I get it to compile, will the CGI->Apache API similarity
> still hold 

Yes, we do our best to maintain that similarity.  However
some details are still missing from the picture.

> or will I have to RTFSC a lot to see how to call the thing?

No, just pay attention to the test modules in 
glue/perl/t/response/.   Other than the config 
issue I mentioned earlier, one of the key problems
right now is:

     We don't "autoparse" the POST data anymore, and
     There's no $req->parse() available yet.  The 
     C-parsers are implemented as input filters, so
     you literally need to pull the POST data through
     the input filter chain before using $req->param.
     Look at the source for the current

Other than that, calling

  $req->param("foo")  will list all the foo params for the request,
  $req->args("foo")   will list the foo params in the query string,
  $req->body("foo")   will list the foo params in the POST data,
  $req->upload("foo") will list the foo uploads.

Joe Schaefer

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