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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject apreq-1 & apreq-2 status updates
Date Sun, 15 Jun 2003 12:36:54 GMT

First the pending libapreq-1.2 release:

  a) I'm waiting for feedback from Stas on the
     compile troubles he's run into on linux.
     No rush, Stas-  but the output you posted
     did look pretty scary ... :-/  In the future,
     should we organize some regular smoke reports
     for a few platforms?

  b) David Wheeler reports that the new test
     suite is failing on OSX, although libapreq-1.2
     seems to be working ok for him.  In lieu of a
     working fix for the tests, I'd be happy to
     apply a doc patch for README.MacOSX that
     talks about this problem.

     btw- Can we get rid of that comment in the
     BUGS section of that talks about
     Apache::Cookie not running on OSX?

  c) As I go through the release process, I'm working on
     a draft RELEASE document in httpd-apreq cvs. I'm
     writing it under the assumption that the RM
     for libapreq has to be on the httpd PMC.
     Eventually (post-release :-) we'll need to 
     lay down sane guidelines for project releases 
     which apply to both (apreq-1 & apreq-2) codebases.
     The RELEASE document is just a first step in that

Second, wrt the httpd-apreq-2 cvs, I've patched the
perl tests, added a build/doxygen.conf file and updated accordingly.  Folks with doxygen installed
should be able to build the C API docs by typing

  % make docs

in the httpd-apreq-2 directory.  The generated
html docs should wind up in the docs/html directory.

Doxygen is pretty cool!  Hopefully we'll have 
similar luck with XSBuilder's pod generation stuff.

Joe Schaefer

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