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From Carl Brewer <>
Subject Re: apache2/mp2 - status?
Date Wed, 25 Jun 2003 09:25:26 GMT

G'day Joe,

Joe Schaefer wrote:

> Carl Brewer <> writes:
> [...]
>>can anyone give me a quick status report on it so I know that I'm best
>>off doing this, or hacking code out of to get POST data?
> You're welcome to try it, but there's
>   1) essentially no documentation, especially for the perl API, since
>   2) the perl API is still in flux.

With regards to this, for the "simple" things(!) like
parsing a POST request, how much is this likely to
change?  I'm not concerned about file uploads or any
of the other mess, that's all I need at the moment to
get going on this project without having to stop in 3 months
and gut it all and recode core bits.  I'm using a very
crude read_post() function cribbed from Stas Bekman's
test library, but it doesn't deal with splitting up
the POST string into hashes or anything nice like that.

If I get it to compile, will the CGI->Apache API similarity
still hold or will I have to RTFSC a lot to see how to
call the thing?

> It does work, though.  Right now, the biggest problem
> with the perl API is sorting out how to configure the
> parsers (POST size limits, temporary directory, etc).


> You need ExtUtils::XSBuilder to build the perl API, and
> Apache::Test and Devel::Peek for the tests, and
> probably a few other modules I haven't remembered.


> OTOH, the C API for libapreq-2 is rapidly approaching 
> stability, but I gather that's not what you're interested in.

I haven't written any C to deal with web stuff since 1995,
and am not likely to start again now :) Horses for courses!

Is anyone else here in the same position as I am? ie: wanting to
use mp2 libapreq now? or using bits of it that are working?


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