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From Xavier Noria <>
Subject 1.2-rc2 seems to fail make test on Solaris
Date Tue, 17 Jun 2003 21:24:38 GMT
Hello, I tried to build 1.2-rc2 on Solaris this afternoon but make test 
failed. I recorded the session with script(1) and have attached the 
typescript file in case the information there is of any use for you. 
I'm sorry there are some ANSI escape sequences in the log, I think it 
is quite readable nevertheless.

If you need more data don't hesitate to ask whatever you need, I would 
be glad to provide it, to test forthcoming releases, or whatever that 
can help.

$_=q;Barcelona Perl Mongers;,$/=y,gaudi,,,;map$,+=(split//)*(-1)**$e++,

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