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From "William A. Rowe, Jr." <>
Subject Re: [rfc] a few milestones (was Re: Updating the Website?)
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2003 16:50:47 GMT
At 02:52 AM 4/28/2003, Issac Goldstand wrote:
>My $0.02:
>  I think we're making too many new root namespaces for modperl2: Apache2::
>APR:: ModPerl:: etc
>I think that we should start taking one of those as a "roof" as to not
>create too much confusing clutter; after all, ALL of these namespaces are
>logically connected because they ALL require mod_perl2, so IMHO they should
>be grouped together, not spread all around CPAN.

Well, yes and no.  They are all part of the asf (just as Jakartaland defines 
multi-depth namespaces with Apache at the top of that namespace.)  

But Apache web server isn't Apache2, APR is a distinct package, and we
have two separate packages, modperl and modperl2.  You presume they
all plug into a Apache(n) modperl(n) web server, but it ain't necessarily so.

I suppose it would be nice if the perlland coders wanted to adopt three level
namespaces so we all end up under an Apache umbrella.  But all these
packages don't belong dumped into the same top level namespace of our
traditional two level depth.

>Plus, think about third-party developers.  They're gonna go bananas trying 
>to figure out which of these new namespaces to start developing for.

Sure, is pool->create in APR, or Apache13?  Hmmm... mp1 module, so that
must be in Apache13!  Or must it?

Actually, several modules already use APR with Apache13.  This is actually
a "good thing"(R) that we support already, becuase APR is seperate from
Apache and Apache2.

What I'm asking is that you don't assume it all falls together as you expect.
You will surprise yourself and your users what can be done mixing some
different modules.  Also consider that a single perl install aught to be able
to have mp/mp2 and Apache13/Apache2 plus APR all coexisting together.
That something that doesn't even work today, I don't believe... but it would
be a nice goal.

There is no reason not to have the Apache2 namespace provide the entry
points that Apache13 modperl porters need.  Apache::compat already helps
a lot with that.  But do keep these various modules separate, and if you want
to clean up CPAN, I'd suggest we adopt three level namespaces, with the 
top level Apache:: (not httpd server, but the software foundation), or simply
ASF:: designator.


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