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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: libapreq-1.2 release candidate
Date Thu, 01 May 2003 01:20:20 GMT
Randy Kobes wrote:
> On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, David Wheeler wrote:
>>[ ... ] However, removing Apache::test _does_ solve the  
>>problem. I'm suspecting that Perl is, for some reason, loading  
>>Apache::test instead of Apache::Test, because it finds it first in  
>>@INC, and because Mac OS X's HFS+ has a case-insensitive file system.  
>>CPANPLUS apparently exhibits the same behavior, since it thought I was  
>>up-to-date, too. The only way to get around this problem (since  
>>Apache::test was, IIRC, installed as part of mod_perl 1.x), is to call  
>>Apache::Test something else. :-( Might be worth asking about this on  
> The same thing occurs on Win32 ... What's annoying especially
> about this (for someone familiar with Unix) is that file names
> are listed with cases intact (eg, a TeSt.Pm will show up in a
> directory listing), but if you copy a file from another
> directory to this one, it will overwrite TeSt.Pm.

Death to case-insensitive filesystems! I thought we were living in 21 century...

I'm not sure how to proceed from here. Too bad, nobody has alerted about this 
problem before. Too many things are now using Apache::Test.

What would be the suggestions to deal with this problem?

One would be to add Apache::test functionality to Apache::Test and replace 
Apache->test in the next release of mod_perl 1.x and let Apache::Test 
overwrite Apache::test.

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