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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: [win32] Locations in Apache-Test framework
Date Mon, 14 Apr 2003 01:28:01 GMT
[CC'ing apreq-dev]

Randy Kobes wrote:
> In trying to run the tests under Win32 in httpd-apreq (which are
> being converted over to use the Apache-Test framework), I ran
> into something. At present, under certain conditions some
> <Location > directives will be automatically generated like
>    <Location /TestApReq::inherit>
>       SetHandler perl-script
>       PerlHandler TestApReq::inherit
>    </Location>
> Such tests in httpd-apreq generate 403 errors, I think because on
> Win32 colons are invalid in filenames - manually changing the
> location to, eg, TestApReq-inherit, and adjusting the request in
> the corresponding .t file accordingly, gets rid of this error. I
> checked this also happens in my "real" Apache configuration (both
> 1 and 2) - simply changing a working <Location> directive (not
> corresponding to any physical file) to having a colon in the name
> generates an error.
> This problem seems subtle ... For one thing, the mod_perl 2 tests
> use this <Location> convention with colons, and they work on
> Win32. So this can be made to work, somehow. Also, I would have
> thought <Location> directives would be checked even before
> filenames - for example, a <Location /hello> takes precedence
> over a physical file @@DocumentRoot@@/hello. But perhaps, for the
> purposes of Apache-Test, these subtelties may be academic - since
> the httpd-apreq tests seem OK, and might be something that a
> typical user might generate, it might save some problems in the
> future to change the <Location> directives to use, eg, '-' rather
> than '::' in the names?

This looks like a bug in apreq then.

':' is a valid character in the path component

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