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From David Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Compiling libapreq 1.1 on Mac OS 10.2.4
Date Thu, 20 Mar 2003 21:19:43 GMT
On Thu, 20 Mar 2003, Ken Y. Clark wrote:

>     [root@cameron:/usr/local/src/libapreq-1.1]# make test
>     t/httpd -f `pwd`/t/httpd.conf
>     dyld: t/httpd Undefined symbols:
>     _ap_null_cleanup
>     _ap_pcalloc
>     _ap_register_cleanup
>     _ap_table_add
>     _ap_table_get
>     _ap_table_set
>     _ap_table_unset
>     _hvrv2table
>     _mod_perl_tie_table
>     _perl_request_rec
>     _sv2request_rec
>     _ap_day_snames
>     _ap_month_snames
>     _ap_null_cleanup
>     make: *** [start_httpd] Trace/BPT trap

Perl isn't finding your compiled c libapreq library. Did you happen to 
it into a directory that didn't exist before you compiled Perl? If so,
Perl wont' know to look there.

>     libtoolize --automake -c -f
>     aclocal
>     autoconf
>     automake -a -c

I think you can use glibtoolize instead. It's in /usr/bin. apreq folks,
can a check for this be added to

> If I try to use the libtool* binaries in "/sw/bin" to do all the
> building, then I get a different error:
>     libtool: unrecognized option `-arch_only'

Yeah, you should ignore everything fink when you're compiling your own
tools, especially Perl tools.

> I've completely exhausted myself trying to get this to work.  I'm
> primarily a mod_perl developer, and I really want to be able to do all
> my development on this machine running OS X.  I'm willing to reinstall
> the OS, Perl, not reinstall Fink, etc., but I can't really see being
> able to stay with the Perl 5.6.0 from Apple.  I'd love some guidance
> as I'm sick of Googling and poking and tweaking.  I'll take just about
> any advice at this point!



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