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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: apreq-2 uploads as bucket brigades?
Date Sun, 19 Jan 2003 18:40:23 GMT
"Issac Goldstand" <> writes:

> OK, but...
> Why not do both?  Eg, provide access via bucket brigades 
> and also keep the spooled files for more natural seek()ing 
> (,etc)?

Performance is one reason.  If we don't *need* apreq to use
the OS's filesystem for spooling, we shouldn't.  We can leave 
that up to the application, but we could make it easy for them 
to pretend uploads are always files by providing things like

  apreq_upload_link(apreq_upload_t *upload)
  apreq_upload_seek(apreq_upload_t *upload)

instead of just handing them a *FILE pointer to play with.

IOW, generate the upload structs from the underlying 
brigade, and let that struct be responsible for 
emulating whatever additional file-type APIs we need.

Of course the upload_hook API will also need to change, 
since the hooks would be responsible for generating the 
bucket brigade.  upload_hooks should be using the 
bucket brigade api, *not* our apreq_upload api.  The 
hooks are really parser extensions, so they should be 
stream-oriented anyways.

Joe Schaefer

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