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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: [proposal/vote] OS X support
Date Sun, 26 Jan 2003 17:46:19 GMT
Joe Schaefer <> writes on December 7, 2002:

> For the good of the project and our existing users, I think we 
> should press forward with a release of libapreq-1.1.


> People interested in furthering apreq development should 
> vote on the following
> --------------------------------------------------
>   Let's offer support for libapreq on OS X, but not 
>   for the mod_perl API.
>  +1: AGREED, lets go.
>   0: Don't really care.
>  -1: NO, and I will work to fix this problem RIGHT NOW.
> --------------------------------------------------

Tally of votes:

  +1: Joe, Randy, Stas, Issac
   0: <nobody>
  -1: <nobody>

I couldn't find a record of David Welton's vote in the 
archives, so I assume he abstained.  As far as I am
concerned, those 5 people ARE the active developers
on apreq-dev, and they ALL should have equal weight 
applied to their votes.  

Of those 5, only Issac is without committer status.  
We can fix that by voting him in as a committer, but I 
think it requires three +1 votes from the other committers.

The current list of committers is available online:

  David Welton
  Doug MacEachern
  Jim Winstead
  Joe Schaefer
  Matt Sergeant
  Randy Kobes
  Rasmus Lerdorf
  Stas Bekman

Joe Schaefer

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