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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject [proposal/vote] OS X support
Date Sat, 07 Dec 2002 14:15:44 GMT

For the good of the project and our existing users, I think we 
should press forward with a release of libapreq-1.1.  I consider 
our efforts to engender community support for Apache::Request 
on OS X to be failures.

I've removed the experimental OS X code from

Based on user feedback, the C API for our current release 
candidate (rc1), appears to build and install cleanly on 
OS X (via ./configure).  

As I see it, the remaining obstacles for a new 1.1 release are
  1) patches for our broken test suite on Win32,
  2) updates to the README, INSTALL, CREDITS, Changes, and ToDo documents,
  3) another vote to approve a release and persuade Jim to work his magic.

People interested in furthering apreq development should 
vote on the following


  Let's offer support for libapreq on OS X, but not 
  for the mod_perl API.

 +1: AGREED, lets go.
  0: Don't really care.
 -1: NO, and I will work to fix this problem RIGHT NOW.

Voting ends in 72 hours.

I'm +1.

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