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From Eli Marmor <>
Subject apreq-2
Date Mon, 09 Dec 2002 10:22:18 GMT
I'm a newbie here, and haven't had time to lurk before jumping into the
deep water, so please excuse me in advance  if it's a FAQ or a silly
question (it is, I know...):

Is the API of apreq-2 stable?

Can I use it?
(it's not for production, but I don't want to have to change my calls
again and again...)

I know that there are always surprises and unexpected things, so if you
THINK that the API is stable but are not SURE, don't hesitate to tell
me that at least in your opinion it's stable.

By the way: currently it is delivered as a patch to the base code;
Since the base code is dynamic, doesn't it make sense to ship it as a
TGZ file rather than as a PATCH file?

I wish you (and me) that the core developers of httpd will agree to
include it in the standard source tree (at least as "experimental");
this is its place!

Eli Marmor
CTO, Founder
Netmask (El-Mar) Internet Technologies Ltd.
Tel.:   +972-9-766-1020          8 Yad-Harutzim St.
Fax.:   +972-9-766-1314          P.O.B. 7004
Mobile: +972-50-23-7338          Kfar-Saba 44641, Israel

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