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From "David Brancato" <>
Subject Re: specifying parameter origin
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2002 05:10:10 GMT

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From: Joe Schaefer <>
> "David Brancato" <> writes:

> > The problem with this method is if the underlying structure of tables
> > is ever changed in future versions of Apache so that elements do not
> > remain in entry order, nargs would no longer be useful.
> That's not going to happen. Standards-compliance dictates that
> table-element order is important to us, just as it is to httpd.

That makes the nargs approach a little more attractive atleast.

> > So, both approaches have their pros and cons, but both allow parameter
> > differentiation after the client request has been parsed into
> > ApacheRequest. Does anyone have any thoughts on these approaches or
> > perhaps a better approach altogether?
> Off the top of my head, there's an internal COW hack for apache arrays
> that might be useful here.  I'll look into it some more.  Have you
> tried implementing any of this yet in Rivet?

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the COW hack so I haven't tried that.
I've only experimented with the "three table" approach, the "nargs" approach
and rolling my own table that had three columns (key, val, origin). All
worked fine.

- David Brancato

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