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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject 1.x tests working in cvs
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2002 00:10:35 GMT

I've moved the modperl-1.x cookie-request tests over to t/.
The normal process

  % perl Makefile.PL
  % make
  % make test

should run the tests (successfully) everywhere except for OS X.
There may be tons of warnings right now, but the tests should 
run to completion.

For OS X [*], libapreq (the C API) first needs 
to be pre-built & pre-installed via libtool/automake:

  % sh
  % sh configure
  % make

  (now as root/admin)

  % make install
  % ldconfig

I'd really appreciate feedback on these steps for any and all 
supported platforms, especially OS X.

The most significant code change between 1.0 and 1.1-to-be 
is the addition of Doug's upload patch (Request.xs).  To my 
knowledge, his patch isn't battle tested (although PAUSE might 
be running some version of it), but the patch should address 
any potential problems with perl 5.8's IO stuff *without* 
breaking support for pre-5.8 perl's.

[*]- I'm still guessing about OS X, since I don't yet have 
access to the ASF's Apple box.
Joe Schaefer

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