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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Finding apache includes (was Re: libapreq-1.1 Release Candidate 1)
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2002 21:58:25 GMT
Edward Moon <> writes:

> Tried the full path, still didn't work:
> [honeycrisp:~/src/httpd-apreq] em% ./configure 
> --with-apache-includes=/Users/em//src/apache_1.3.27/src/include


> /Users/em//src/apache_1.3.27/src/include/ap_config.h:114: header file 
> 'os.h' not found

Ok, but we've made some progress now.  The problem is that
the apache_1.3.27/src/include directory doesn't contain all 
the header files we need.

What you really need to do is locate the *installed* location
of your apache headers.  One way to do this is to use the apxs
binary that is part of the apache installation.  It may not be
in your path, but it should be installed in the same directory
as your httpd binary.

I have a few installations of httpd on my machine- one of
them is at /home/joe/apache/bin/httpd:

  % /home/joe/apache/bin/apxs -q INCLUDEDIR

which is the correct "--with-apache-includes" location for me:

  % ls /home/joe/apache/include
  ap.h              ap_sha1.h            http_core.h      os.h
  ap_alloc.h        buff.h               http_log.h       rfc1413.h
  ap_compat.h       compat.h             http_main.h      scoreboard.h
  ap_config.h       conf.h               http_protocol.h  util_date.h
  ap_config_auto.h  explain.h            http_request.h   util_md5.h
  ap_ctype.h        fnmatch.h            http_vhost.h     util_script.h
  ap_ebcdic.h       hsregex.h            httpd.h          util_uri.h
  ap_md5.h          http_conf_globals.h  multithread.h    xml
  ap_mmn.h          http_config.h        os-inline.c

(Note that os.h is there!)

If you can't easily find apxs yourself, 
you might try using the Unix 'find' command:

  % find / -name apxs

As you can see I've got a lot of apxs binaries;
some in source trees and some installed. The ones
in source trees won't help here, and  they're all
tied to a particular apache version. So be careful 
to use the right one for your installation.


Joe Schaefer

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