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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Finding apache includes (was Re: libapreq-1.1 Release Candidate 1)
Date Thu, 28 Nov 2002 00:25:57 GMT
Edward Moon <> writes:


> I am getting errors on 'make test'. It appears to be syntax errors in 
> t/httpd.conf.

Right- t/httpd.conf isn't picking up your server's httpd.conf 
"LoadModule" directives.

> Attached is the httpd.conf file in question
> Gory details follow:

Thanks for the feedback!


> [honeycrisp:~/src/httpd-apreq] em% perl Makefile.PL 
> For testing purposes, please give the full path to an httpd
> with mod_perl enabled.  The path defaults to $ENV{APACHE}, if present.
>  [/usr/sbin/httpd] ('!' to skip): 
> Search existing config file for dynamic module dependencies? [y]: 
>   Config file [/etc/httpd/httpd.conf]: 
> Will attempt to load mod_dir dynamically.
> Will attempt to load mod_autoindex dynamically.
> Will attempt to load mod_perl dynamically.
> Warning: couldn't find anything to load for 'mod_dir'.
> Warning: couldn't find anything to load for 'mod_autoindex'.
> Warning: couldn't find anything to load for 'mod_perl'.
> Adding the following dynamic config lines: 

[...nothing added...]

Apache::test appears to be having a problem parsing your
/etc/httpd/httpd.conf file.  Is that the actual config file 
for your apache+modperl server?  Is modperl compiled as a 
DSO on your machine?


>From your attached t/httpd.conf:

> Port 8228
> User em
> Group staff
> ServerName localhost
> DocumentRoot /Users/em/src/httpd-apreq/t

[there should be a bunch of LoadModule/AddModule directives right here]
> ErrorLog /Users/em/src/httpd-apreq/t/error_log
> PidFile /Users/em/src/httpd-apreq/t/
> AccessConfig /dev/null
> ResourceConfig /dev/null
> LockFile /Users/em/src/httpd-apreq/t/httpd.lock
> TypesConfig /dev/null

You might want to comment that line out and replace it with

  LoadModule /usr/libexec/httpd/
  AddModule mod_perl.c

Try editing t/httpd.conf manually and run 

  % make test

until the syntax errors go away.  ( % perl Makefile.PL
will regenerate the original t/httpd.conf, in case you
want to start fresh. )

Joe Schaefer

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