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From Ken Williams <>
Subject Re: libapreq-1.1 Release Candidate 1
Date Tue, 26 Nov 2002 03:57:13 GMT

On Tuesday, November 26, 2002, at 12:22  PM, Joe Schaefer wrote:

> Ken Williams <> writes:
> [...]
>> I've attached the full output.
> Thanks, Ken.  I looked over the result, but didn't see any
> indication that you used the "./configure -> make -> make install"
> instructions from the web page.

D'oh!  I just looked at the INSTALL file, despite your 
admonitions to the contrary.  Sorry to overlook it.

I got through "./configure -> make -> make install" 
successfully, installing to /usr/local/lib/ and 
/usr/local/include/.  However, there doesn't seem to be a 
"ldconfig" on my system ('locate' couldn't find one anywhere, 
and I checked manually in /sbin/ and /usr/sbin/).

> Did the libtool-based build
> of libapreq install successfully before you tried doing the perl
> build?

This time around, I installed libapreq and then did 'perl 
Makefile.PL; make test;' and got a different error.  Looks like 
the server didn't start properly.

I've attached the terminal output, and the httpd.conf in case 
it's helpful.  The t/error_log is unremarkable (just a bunch of 
stuff like "[warn] module mod_log_config.c is already added, 


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