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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] API change for 2.0 param values
Date Wed, 16 Oct 2002 18:09:05 GMT

As we're moving towards an input filter implementation,
one of the problems I'm grappling with is in the table API.
I'd like to change the return value type from char* to 
apreq_pv_t* (param value type):

  typedef struct apreq_pv_t {
        void        *data;
        apr_ssize_t  size;
  } apreq_pv_t;

I'm pretty sure this sort of change will require a break from
using apr_tables, which will impact the apreq_request API 

The reason for this proposed change is twofold:

  1) the parsers should be able to handle '\0' bytes.  Using
     char *'s means we can't really do that.

  2) When working with, say, xml input, the apreq user may want a 
     richer return value than simply a char *.  Parsers that 
     are able to provide more metadata about a variable can do 
     so by extending the apreq_pv_t struct.

Any thoughts?

Joe Schaefer

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