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From Joe Schaefer <>
Subject Re: Please Update libtool
Date Wed, 23 Oct 2002 03:51:09 GMT
Hiroyuki OYAMA <> writes:


> It is enough if Mac OS X is made to only recognize. However, since perfect
> 'configure' script is not generated, an unnecessary problem may arise.
> Although I have patch of a result which performed
> # use autoconf-2.54, automake-1.7.1 libtool-1.4.2

I've got autoconf-2.53, automake-1.6.2, libtool-1.4.2.

>   % libtoolize --copy --force
>   % autoreconf --install --force
> it is the size of 900K byte...
> Should I send this patch?

No- instead let's try to work on a preparatory shell script.  
Here's what seems to work for me:
% cat
# - preconfigure libapreq

libtoolize --automake -c -f
automake -a -c
Does this script work for you?  I get some warnings about 
acconfig.h, but the libapreq library seems to compile ok.

Joe Schaefer

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