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From "Michael McLagan" <>
Subject BUG: Apache::Cookie doesn't handle 0
Date Wed, 09 Oct 2002 21:06:01 GMT

   I posted this to mod_perl's list about a month ago and didn't see much 
comment other than my being berated for being clueless so I thought I might 
send it here to see if it generated a more positive result.

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   There is a bug in Apache::Cookie.  It doesn't handle a cookie with a zero 
byte in it!
$value = "ABCD" . chr(0) . "EFGH";
$cookie = Apache::Cookie->new($request, -name=> 'oatmeal', -value=>
$value, -domain=>$ENV{'SERVER_NAME'}, -path=>"/"); print

The output looks like:
   oatmeal=ABCD;; path=/; expires=0
Where did the rest of my cookie go?!
Should I not have gotten:

   oatmeal=ABCD%00EFGH;; path=/; expires=0

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