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From Daniel Risacher <>
Subject interim solution
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2002 04:11:34 GMT

I've tried to read all the list archives to find out the status of
apreq for httpd-2.  I can see how engineering it as a filter or as
part of the httpd core would be good ideas.  The problem is that there
isn't anything useful for people to use right *now*.  

How hard would it be to build an interim apreq-2 (more of an
apreq-1.5, perhaps) that would help out module developers until a real
solution can be designed?  I would prefer something standalone so it
neither requires lengthy coordination with the httpd developers nor
rebuilding httpd for the user.  (I saw that Joe had released patches
against httpd-cvs, but I'm not too excited about using the httpd cvs
version... I just want a server that works and a library to parse my

Anyone else interested in putting something like this together?


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