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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: dev question: apreq 2 as a filter?
Date Thu, 22 Aug 2002 05:19:15 GMT
Joe Schaefer wrote:
> Joshua Moore-Oliva <> writes:
> [...]
>>In addition, considering that it appears there are no filter-expert
>>developers on the apreq team, 
> Stas know apache 2 inside and out; we're fortunate to have him.

I wish I knew apache 2 inside-out... I just needed to go down to the 
source to understand how things work, so I know it somewhat from 
stepping through with gdb. But I mostly do the mod_perl side, so I'm far 
from being an expert on the apache internals. In fact I doubt there is 
a person who knows 2.0 inside-out, it's a huge beast. May be Ryan and a 
few other folks who worked on it for the last 4 years are the only ones...

I'll mention again this URL:
which demonstrates that filters are quite simple once you understand how 
they work, and that's the goal of that URL -- to help you understand that.

Ryan's book should be of help too
it covers the filters development details.

>>and presuming there is a good reason to port apreq to act as a filter,
>>should we not concentrate on getting an official 2.0 compatible
>>version of apreq out there to increase use of apreq and lure
>>developers into our circle?
> Hold that thought- we're now waiting to see what the apache
> developers finally say about the current code.  If we do
> incorporate a filter API into the parsers, it will have 
> absolutely no effect on apreq_cookie, and probably *only* 
> impact the apreq_parser*- related stuff in apreq_request.  
> In all likelihood, a current user (aka "alpha-tester" :) 
> won't even notice the change.


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