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From Tim Bolin <>
Subject Re: errors installing libapreq
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2002 19:27:38 GMT
At 01:16 PM 6/26/02 -0400, Joe Schaefer wrote:
>The 'perl Makefile.PL' install requires a good modperl install;
>and it appears you don't have one.  The './configure' method
>will just build the C interface, which isn't much help if you're
>looking to use Apache::Request.

well, ill try to get mod_perl rebuilt on that machine and see if it 
helps... but i have a feeling it wont, considering apache_request.c wont 

>In any case, apache_request.c still should compile cleanly though.
>Have you inspected the /usr/local/httpd/include directory for *.h
>files?  It should look something like my /usr/local/apache/include
>% ls /usr/local/apache/include
>alloc.h           ap_mm.h                    gcache.h 
>ap.h              ap_mmn.h                   hsregex.h            os-inline.c
>ap_alloc.h        ap_sha1.h                  http_conf_globals.h  os.h
>ap_compat.h       apache_cookie.h            http_config.h        rfc1413.h
>ap_config.h       apache_multipart_buffer.h  http_core.h          scoreboard.h
>ap_config_auto.h  apache_request.h           http_log.h           util_date.h
>ap_ctx.h          buff.h                     http_main.h          util_md5.h
>ap_ctype.h        compat.h                   http_protocol.h 
>ap_ebcdic.h       conf.h                     http_request.h       util_uri.h
>ap_hook.h         explain.h                  http_vhost.h         xml
>ap_md5.h          fnmatch.h                  httpd.h

one would think so, but it doesnt appear to... this is what 
/ust/local/httpd/include looks like on this machine...

ap_compat.h         apr_hash.h            apr_thread_rwlock.h  mod_proxy.h
ap_config_auto.h    apr_hooks.h           apr_time.h           mod_ssl.h
ap_config.h         apr_inherit.h         apr_uri.h            mpm_common.h
ap_config_layout.h  apr_ldap.h            apr_user.h           mpm_default.h
ap_listen.h         apr_lib.h             apr_uuid.h           mpm.h
ap_mmn.h            apr_md4.h             apr_version.h        os.h
ap_mpm.h            apr_md5.h             apr_want.h           pcre.h
apr_allocator.h     apr_mmap.h            apr_xlate.h          pcreposix.h
apr_anylock.h       apr_network_io.h      apr_xml.h            rfc1413.h
apr_atomic.h        apr_optional.h        apu_compat.h         scoreboard.h
apr_base64.h        apr_optional_hooks.h  apu.h                ssl_expr.h
apr_buckets.h       apr_pools.h           http_config.h        ssl_expr_parse.h
apr_compat.h        apr_portable.h        http_connection.h 
apr_date.h          apr_proc_mutex.h      http_core.h          ssl_util_ssl.h
apr_dbm.h           apr_ring.h            httpd.h              ssl_util_table.h
apr_dso.h           apr_rmm.h             http_log.h           unixd.h
ap_release.h        apr_sdbm.h            http_main.h          util_cfgtree.h
apr_errno.h         apr_sha1.h            http_protocol.h      util_charset.h
apr_file_info.h     apr_shm.h             http_request.h       util_ebcdic.h
apr_file_io.h       apr_signal.h          http_vhost.h         util_filter.h
apr_fnmatch.h       apr_strings.h         mod_cgi.h            util_ldap.h
apr_general.h       apr_tables.h          mod_core.h           util_md5.h
apr_getopt.h        apr_thread_cond.h     mod_dav.h            util_script.h
apr_global_mutex.h  apr_thread_mutex.h    mod_include.h        util_time.h
apr.h               apr_thread_proc.h     mod_log_config.h     util_xml.h

a lot more stuff, but it looks like all the important things are there...?

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