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From Stas Bekman <>
Subject Re: apreq-2 patches
Date Fri, 28 Jun 2002 01:11:05 GMT
Joshua Moore-Oliva wrote:
> Argument for including apreq into the httpd core...
> A lot of posts have been made on the modules board about how to do things like 
> retrieve POST data...  I believe that if apreq is included into the apreq 
> core, it will facilitate more development in C... 
> The way I see it, Perl, tcl etc etc are all trying to make life easier to 
> apache module developers...  why not make life easier for the C developers 
> too?  I think that the adoption of perl modules over C was greatly influenced 
> by the lack of knowledge of the libapreq api...  
> One more argument to add to this...  (since you wanted as many as we could 
> think of :) If we get more people developing in C, wouldn't it be logical to 
> think that there would then be more people accessing the C API, and therefore 
> probably producing more people to help make bugfixes or improvements to 
> apache itself which is written in C?
> Just my two cents.

Good point Josh! Keep those coming!

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